Voter Aadhar Collection Program

30/07/2022 - 30/11/2022

According to the instructions of District Magistrate / District Election Officer Rakesh Kumar Singh, Deputy District Election Officer / Additional District Magistrate Finance and Revenue Vivek Srivastava has given a call to the general public and informed that according to the instructions of the Election Commission of India, the voters included in the electoral roll will be voluntarily The process of collecting Aadhaar number is to be started from August 01, 2022. In the process of voluntarily collecting Aadhar number from the voters included in the electoral roll, the commission has provided the facilities of online and offline medium to collect the Aadhar number voluntarily from the voters included in the electoral roll. Form-6B has been prescribed by the commission for voluntary collection of Aadhaar numbers from voters through offline mode. Regarding the voluntary collection of Aadhaar numbers from the voters included in the electoral rolls of the Commission, in the prescribed Form 6B, the hard copy will be obtained from the voters by the booth label officers from house to house from August 01, 2022 and will be received from the voters. The Form-6B done will be digitized within 07 days from the receipt of Form-6B by BLO on Garuda App or ERO Net being used by the Electoral Registration Officer. During the house-to-house visit of BLO, if the voters enrolled in the voter list are not found in their house due to any reason, then after getting information from the people around them, they will visit that house again. Apart from this, voters will be encouraged to submit Aadhaar number through online medium during door-to-door visits by BLOs. Cooperation of political parties, media, civil society organizations and NGOs will be obtained for Aadhaar number collection. Providing Aadhaar by voters is voluntary and their name will not be deleted from the voter list database on the ground that Aadhaar number has not been provided by them. Under no circumstances the Aadhaar number obtained will be made public.