The main problem and protection measures of the environment: –

The government is making every effort to improve the environment because there is a great need to improve the environment. From a scientific point of view each government gives special attention to it. In the area engaged in the Delhi Capital Border in Ghaziabad district, a plot of 600 acres of land is being developed in the name of Shindh, which is being considered important from the purpose of tourism and environment. There is also an office of environment in Ghaziabad district. Under the district plan for tourism and environment by the state government, funds are provided each year.
Environmental pollution is increasing due to the growing industries in the district, near Delhi and the ever increasing population. Motor cycle scooters, cars and other vehicles have grown in the ratio. Thereby increasing air pollution. To reduce the problem of pollution, it is necessary that maximum tree plantation is done. Due to limited space for plantation, it is necessary that the consciousness in the public should be awakened so that in any of the industrial premises in front of its residence, it should not leave any place and plant the tree there.

Natural Environment
– Includes air, water, land, mountains, trees, rivers, vegetation and organisms.

Man-made environment:
Various industrial and other man-made establishments, buildings, roads, dams, canals, traffic, industry etc. are included.

Social Environment:
Economic, social, cultural systems and their impact on human population like population growth, employment, commerce culture etc.

Measures for environmental protection:

Conservation of the environment can be done by reducing pollution. Therefore, different types of pollutants are reduced in different ways.

Toward the industries, surrounded by dense settlements, roads, empty-handed land, farm fields and public places, and prevent the destruction of forests.Promote the safety and protection of all organisms.

Control the population for a healthy and happy life.

As per the prescribed standards, the effluent / emissions emanating from industries etc. will be disposed off / emitted in rivers, drains, land / atmosphere etc.

The establishment of new industries, the formation and development of settlements, and environmental aspects should also be included.

In rivers and other water sources, no burnt and dead body is not flushed, it contributes to pollution. Use electric improvised cremation house for this.

Make the world well on wells and periodically use red mediocre or chlorine porridge in wells after experimenting with water disinfection.

By adopting clean technology, in the manufacture of biogas, energy, compost, electricity, building materials (bricks, cement, tiles,
plaster boards etc) and other products by recycling of waste waste and fly ash generated from industries and other sources.

Do not throw the trunk around and do it at the appropriate fixed site.

Transport drivers should properly maintain their vehicles and keep checking the carburetor and emissions from time to time. By which the smoke emitted can be controlled.

Sharp sound (noise) has a negative effect on human health, so volunteer to help prevent noise pollution by producing at least noise.

In place of chemical fertilizers, adopt organic fertilizers, Burmese compost, green manure, organic culture, compost, fertilizer and leguminous crops.

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