Disaster Management

Ghaziabad is under seismic zone IV so it is highly vulnerable according to Earthquake, besides Earthquake Ghaziabad district is vulnerable towards natural and man made calamities like, Floods, Droughts, Wind Storms, Sunstroke, Cold Wave, Fire, Accidents and Chemical and Biological threats.Disaster management plan is an integral part of any development activities and its need in multi-hazard-prone urban cities has always been recognized as that of prime importance.
In view of the potential hazards associated with the Ghaziabad city,District Administration has prepared a District Disaster Management Plan under the Govt. of India – UNDP, Urban Risk Reduction Project to deal with different hazards in an organized multidisciplinary approach involving all line departments and many agencies.

During an emergency or disaster, the District Administration will take immediate and appropriate action to determine, direct, mobilize, and coordinate resource needs. The District Administration will suspend or cancel normal operations and redirect resources to save lives, relieve human suffering, sustain survivors, protect property, and repair essential facilities. The District Administration has designed, built, equipped, and staffed an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) / District Control Room, from which all emergency activities will be managed. The District Control Room / EOC will communicate with the state EOC to ensure close cooperation in emergencies and disasters.