District Election Office

The District Election Office is responsible for administering election processes in District Ghaziabad. The body administers elections to the Lok Sabha, State Assembly and Legislative Council. The District Election Officer has the powers under the Constitution, to act in an appropriate manner when the enacted laws make insufficient provisions to deal with a given situation in the conduct of an election. Tehsils offices are working as voter registration centers for the free, fair and healthy elector roll. Voters’ registration as a voter is being accepted through offline and online mode. ERONET Portal was launched to process the voters’ enrollment forms. The application of name inclusion, deletion, and objections received from online through NVSP portal and offline mode are processed by AERO/ERO and the applicant received the status message on their registered mobile number. District Election Office is committed to making the election process free and fair. For more information Click Here [PDF 574KB]

District Election Information
Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council Meerut Division Graduate Constituency Electoral Rolls Revision-2019   

MLC GRADUATE LIST 1                                                                          MLC GRADUATE LIST 2

71-loni form 18 with Photo                                                                 71-Loni g without photo pdf file  

72-  form-18 mohan nagar (2)                                                           72-  mohan nagar jone 18     

73--DIC Form 18 Old with photo                                                      73-DIC Form 18                    

74 –polytechnic form-18 with photo                                                 74 –polytechnic_sup-2 pdf

75 –Form 18 Kavi nagar                                                                       75-Form 18 Kavi nagar New

76 Form 18 City Zone                                                                          76- City Zone form-18

77- tehsil ghaziabad form-18 wihh photo                                       77-  tehsil ghaziabad second round form-18

78-  MLC RAZAPUR 2019                                                                 78- Razapur form-18

79-form-18 Muradnagar with photo                                               79-MLC Graduate Muradnagar form-18

80-form-18 Muradnagar with photo                                              80-MLC Graduate Modinagar

81-form-18 Bhojpur with photo                                                       81-MLC Graduate Bhojpur


Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council Meerut Division Teacher Constituency Electoral Rolls Revision-2019


MLC TEACHERS LIST 1                                            MLC TEACHERS LIST 2

70-form19 Loni with photo                                                               70-Loni Teacher List

71- form-18 mohan nagar                                                                  71- Mohan Nagar Zone    

72-form-19 DIC with photo                                                               72-DIC                  

73 –form 19 polytechni with photo                                                   73 –Polytechnic

74-Form 19 Kavi nagar                                                                       74-Kavi Nagar Zone

75 Form 19 City Zone Old                                                                  75 City Zone

76-form-19-teh_Ghaziabad with photo                                          76- Tehsil Ghaziabad second round form-18

77-Razapur form-18                                                                            77- Razapur

78-form-19 Muradnagar with Photo                                               78-Muradnagar

89-form-19 Teaaher Modinagar with Photo                                  79-Modinagar

80-form-19 Teaaher Bhojpur with Photo                                       80-Bhojpur