Animal Husbandry

Programs run by animal husbandry department:

  1. Veterinary of sick animals: In the district, 18 veterinary hospitals operated by the Animal Husbandry Department are treated with the levy fixed by the government of sick animals such as cow, buffalo, goat, sheep, horse, poultry etc of cattle feeders. Apart from this, primary veterinary service is also provided to the Animal Husbandry of Animal Husbandry at 19 Animal Service Centers.
  2. Artificial insemination program for breed improvement in animals: In the district, work of artificial insemination and pregnancy test is done in the reproductive animals of the district animal husbandry through 18 veterinary hospitals, 19 animal service centers and patraet operated by the Animal Husbandry Department. According to the Animal Breeding Policy of Animal Husbandry Department, animal breeding policy is done in order to improve the breed in bovine / Maheshvanshikal animals by obtaining fixed levy of artificial insemination by the high quality Hologston Frozen, Seahawal and Murrah Species Breeds, by the Simmons Strage.
  3. Vaccination in animals for the prevention of infectious diseases: In order to protect mainly animals from infectious diseases, vaccination of Galaaghotu and Khurpak-Mhakaka disease is done free at the door of the cattle. Vaccination is done once a year for the prevention of throat disease and twice a year for the prevention of Khurpaka-mouth disease. The vaccination is done by running a 45-day campaign. This campaign is currently being run from 15th September-18.
  4. Erosion in animals-In the district all the units operated by the Animal Husbandry Department are free of erosion of the male animals, so that the animals of low quality can be deprived of breeding due to keeping the breeding improvement program in view.

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