Organisation Chart

In view of revenue, the present district has been divided into three tehsils namely Loni, Ghaziabad and
Modinagar. In terms of planning, there are four development blocks namely Rajapur, Muradnagar, Bhojpur and Loni. Ghaziabad has a total of 191 villages. The most populated village are 60 in development block Muradnagar and the lowest number of low populated villages are 40 in development blocks Rajapur and Loni each. In this district, the development block of Loni has one of the largest village council in Gram Sabha Khoda, which was formed by the Gazette No.-295 / N-2-2016-01 seema vistar- 14 dated March 10, 2016 in the name of Khoda Makanpur Municipality

At present, there are 1 municipal corporation (Ghaziabad), 4 municipal councils (Muradnagar, Modinagar, Loni, Khoda Mankanpur) and 4 Nagar Panchayats (Town Area), Niwadi, Patla, Dasna and Faridnagar. There are a total of 100 wards in Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation. Number of police stations are 17, in which 2 are located in rural areas and 15  are located in urban areas.

Organization Chart District Administration

Organizational Chart