Revenue Court Cases

Revenue Court computerized management system is a website developed by NIC Uttar Pradesh State Unit for the purpose to facilitate transparency in all proceedings of computerized revenue courts in state and providing vital information such as listening dates, order by court and other proceedings done by court to the litigants and advocates.

From Nayab Tehsildaar Court to the District Magistrate,  there are already 29 courts are present in this mechanism all Proceedings related to revenue case such as next listening date, cancellation and filing can be easily viewed “online” though this web Portal . Now litigants and their other beneficiaries need not to round for the information and status of their cases.

List of Revenue Courts
Sl.No. Revenue Court Level Revenue Court
1. District District Magistrate
2. District Additional District Magistrate(F&R)
3. District Additional District Magistrate (Administration)
4. District Additional District Magistrate (City)
5. District Additional District Magistrate(Judicial)
6. District Additional District Magistrate (LA)
7. District Assistant Inspector General(Stamp)
8. District City Magistrate
8. District Additional Sub Divisional Magistarte, Ghaziabad
10. District Additional City Magistrate, First
11. District Additional City Magistrate, Second
12. District Assistant Inspector General (Registrar), First
13. District Assistant Inspector General (Registrar), Second
14. Tehsil: Ghaziabad Sub Divisional Magistrate
15. Tehsil: Ghaziabad Tehsildar
16. Tehsil: Ghaziabad Tehsildar (judicial)
17. Tehsil: Ghaziabad Nayab Tehsildar, Ghaziabad
18. Tehsil: Ghaziabad Nayab Tehsildar, Ceiling
19. Tehsil: Ghaziabad Nayab Tehsildar, Ceiling (Second)
20. Tehsil: Modinagar Sub Divisional Magistrate
21. Tehsil: Modinagar Tehsildar
22. Tehsil: Modinagar Tehsildar (Judicial)
23. Tehsil: Modinagar Nayab Tehsildar, Modinagar
24. Tehsil: Modinagar Nayab Tehsildar, Bhojpur
25. Tehsil: Modinagar Nayab Tehsildar, Muradnagar
26. Tehsil: Loni Sub Divisional Magistrate
27. Tehsil: Loni Tehsildar
28. Tehsil: Loni Tehsildar (Judicial)
29. Tehsil: Loni Nayab Tehsildar, Loni


Revenue Court

Tehsil Ghaziabad-201001, Loni-201101, Modinagar-201204 and District Magistrate Office, Rajnagar, Collectorate, Ghaziabad-201001
Location : Tehsil Ghaziabad, Modinagar, Loni and District Magistrate Office | City : Ghaziabad, Modinagar and Loni
Email : rccms-up[at]gov[dot]in