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Judicial Officers in Ghaziabad
1. Anil Kumar Srivastava II District & Sessions Judge
2. Vacant Judge, Spl Court, Anti Corr CBI
3. UMESH CHANDRA SAXENA-II Addl. District & Sessions Judge
4. INDRISH KUMAR Spl. J. (SC/ST, Pev.of Atroci Act)
5. ASHWINI KUMAR SINGH Addl. District & Sessions Judge
6. MADHU SUDAN WADHAWA Judge, Spl Court, CBI Court No. 2
8. ATUL KUMAR GUPTA Addl. District & Sessions Judge
9. KULDEEP KUMAR-II Addl. District & Sessions Judge
10. GOVIND BALLABH(SHARMA) Addl. District & Sessions Judge
11. SUSHIL KUMAR-II Addl. District & Sessions Judge
(At Hapur-Ghaziabad)
12. ARUN CHANDRA SRIVASTAVA Addl. District & Sessions Judge
13. VINOD KUMAR-III Addl. District & Sessions Judge
14. GAJENDRA KUMAR Addl. District & Sessions Judge
15. DR. ASHOK KUMAR SINGH-IV Judge, Spl Court, CBI Court No. 1
16. ASHOK KUMAR-VII Addl. District & Sessions Judge
17. VINOD SINGH RAWAT Addl. District & Sessions Judge
18. NAVNEET KUMAR Addl. District & Sessions Judge
19. HARKESH KUMAR Addl. District & Sessions Judge
20. SHANKER LAL Addl. District & Sessions Judge
21. NALIN KANT TYAGI Addl. District & Sessions Judge
22. ASHOK KUMAR SINGH-V Addl. District & Sessions Judge
23. ASHUTOSH Addl. District & Sessions Judge
24. IFTEKHAR AHMAD Judge Small Causes Court
25. HARENDRA PRASAD Chief Judicial Magistrate
26. VIJAY KUMAR DUNGRAKOTI Civil Judge (Senior Div.)
27. RAM KISHOR PANDEY Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Div.)/ACJM
28. PUSHKAR UPADHYAY A.C.J.M. (Railway).
29. VACANT Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Div.)/ACJM.
30. VACANT Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Div.)/ACJM.
31. VACANT Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Div.)/ACJM.
32. SMT. KIRAN BALA Civil Judge (Senior Div.)
(At Hapur-Ghaziabad)
33. SMT. SANGITA SHARMA Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Div.)/ACJM.
34. SUNIL KUMAR SINGH-III Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Div.)/ACJM
35. KAMLESH KUMAR Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Div.)/ACJM.
36. SMT. RESHMA PRAWEEN Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Div.)/ACJM.
37. MOHAMMED QAMRUZZAMA KHAN Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Div.)/ACJM.
38. CHANDRA VIJAY SRINET Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate
(At Hapur-Ghaziabad)
39. AUGUST KUMAR TIWARI Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Div.)/ACJM.
40. SMT. SAKSHI SHARMA Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Div.)/ACJM.
41. MOHD. NASIM Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Div.)/ACJM.
42. RAM KARAN YADAV Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Div.)/ACJM.
43. VACANT Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Div.)/ACJM.
44. VACANT Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Div.)/ACJM.
45. RAVI YADAV Addl. Civil Judge (Sr.Div.)/ACJM.
(At Hapur-Ghaziabad)
46. SUNIL SINGH Civil Judge (Junior Div.)
47. DURGESH Civil Judge (Junior Div.)
(At Hapur-Ghaziabad)
48. ALOK KUMAR SINGH Spl. Judicial Magistrate (C.B.I.)
49. SUSHRI DIVYA BHARGAVA Judicial Magistrate
(At Hapur-Ghaziabad)
50. ARVIND KUMAR SHUKLA Addl. Civil Judge (Junior Div.)
(At Garhmukteshwar-Ghaziabad)
51. RAN VIJAY PRATAP SINGH Addl. Civil Judge (Junior Div.)
(At Hapur-Ghaziabad)
52. OM PRAKASH VIII Judicial Magistrate.
53. DHIRENDRA SINGH Addl. Civil Judge (Junior Div.)
54. SMT. RACHNA Addl. Civil Judge (Junior Div.)
55. SMT. SARVOTTAMA NAGESH Addl. Civil Judge (Junior Div.)
56. VACANT Addl. Civil Judge (Junior Div.)
(At Hapur-Ghaziabad)






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